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Fuzion Fitness and Yoga Studio create a supportive and welcoming fitness community by offering tough, diverse, and fun workouts that facilitate authentic relationships and push members towards their health and fitness goals. Small group training offers you a guarantee that we will watch your form and get you the best results possible in a friendly, encouraging environment.

Our vision is to support people in their pursuit of a healthy mind,

body and soul.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!!

Meet Our Founder

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Joanne is the owner and a trainer at Fuzion Fitness and Yoga Studio. 

Training now for 20 years, she herself struggled with health and fitness and was 40 pounds overweight. She became committed to health and fitness and decided she wanted to help others reach their goals.  With her years of experience and schooling, she has gained the experience and knowledge she needs to help her clients.

She has 3 children and has committed herself and her family to a life of health, fitness, and healthy living.  

 Joanne worked for Bootycamp Fitness for 4 years before starting her own company Bodyphitt. She really wanted a place to call home that people could come to instead of working out of parks and churches, so she opened up her own studio.

There, she offered small group training so people could get the personal trainer effect without the high cost of actually hiring a personal trainer. Joanne is a busy wife and mom of 3. She believes that despite a busy lifestyle, we need to take time for ourselves.

Now, she offers 30-minute, 45-minute, as well as 1-hour classes. Joanne believes in balance, so she fused together yoga, Bootcamp, Zumba, and Pilates so you would have the opportunity to have that balance with whatever workout suits your needs on any given week or month. That is how the name Fuzion Fitness came about.

A healthy lifestyle is what she promotes and what she follows. 

This is her passion, and it shows in her routines. Come and try a free class so you can see for yourself. We care about people, results, integrity and community, and it all shows as soon as you walk through our doors

Abou​t Fuzion

At Fuzion Fitness, the caring instructors, community, and small group training is what sets us apart from any other fitness studio in Toronto. We cater to all levels of fitness and guarantee that no matter what level you are at that you will always feel challenged, pushed, and supported by our amazing and educated instructors.

Our instructors understand that fear can sometimes hold us back from trying something or doing something that you might not be comfortable with. That is why it is of the utmost importance to our instructors to build a welcoming, supportive environment as soon as you walk through our doors. No judgment ever!

You will fall in love with the community, workouts, and results at Fuzion! Also, you may request free quotes or estimates of any service. Please contact us for further details.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

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